COINSENSOR Metal detector  is specially designed to provide maximum efficiency in all types of soils.

In practice, the machine is made of two metal detector together in a metal detector and a switch to select modes, automatic for highly mineralized soils heavily contaminated with iron hand to achieve greater depth in soils with low mineralization.

Switch “AUTO MANUAL” turns on. and off. the automatic and manual mode on the ground
Potentiometer “THRESHOLD” serves to define the sound level
Potentiometer “SENSITIVITY” is used to set the required sensitivity
depth of the appliance
Potentiometer “G.E.B.” suppresses the influence of soil
Potentiometer “DISC” controls the degree of rejection of iron objects
Jack “HEADPHONES” if necessary, includes headphones
LED “LOW BAT” indicator for low battery voltage.

Metal detector is made with high quality components and materials to ensure maximum life of electronics and probe.Easy operation of the machine makes it suitable for use by both beginners and professionals!


• The probes are made of impact-and temperature-resistant
polystyrene for greater mechanical and
temperature stability.
• Special cable, made of high quality
materials is armored to provide
high mechanical strength and long life
life of the probe.
• Light and robust ABS boxes
• Lightweight detector with perfect balance
• 3 year warranty on electronics


• Operating frequency – 8kHz.
• mode-motion
• Automatic ground balance, manual ground balance
• Acoustic separation of metal-type Motion
• Regulation of the degree of separation of the metal
• Elimination of mineralized soils and minerals
• Power – set of 10 batteries 1.2V
AA / 1000mAh.
• Operating time per charge – at least 30 hours
• LED indicator for the condition of the battery

Packige is:

Metal detector with 28cm. coil


User manual 

It is handmade metal detector, then clear payment  /ACCEPT ONLY PAYPAL/  is required 5 to 15 working days before dispatch. Full warranty on the electronic box is 5 years. Metal detector is fully inspected and tested .

We use 1st class registered air mail with tracking number.


Battery not include 

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Powerscan COINSENSOR Metal Detector VLF

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